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’Bach to violin’* 


Jonathan Ofir – baroque violin


Jesneka Balic Zunic – Baroque violin, viola da spalla


Gilbert Martinez – Harpsichord


Bach: Sonata for violin and continuo in E minor; Suite for cello in D-minor; Sonata for violin and harpsichord in C-minor


Telemann: To duets for to violins


Leclair: Triosonata for two violins and continuo i D-minor


Helsingør Domkirke, 7th February, 7:30 PM

Reformert kirke, CPH., 8th February 2018 7:30 PM


Helsingør free admission

Tickets of 100. kr. (+fee) at and on location 1/2 hour before concert.


*This program, performed by merely three instrumentalists, presents some of Bach’s best works for violin, as well as cello. Besides the sonata for violin and continuo in e-minor as well as sonata for violin and harpsichord in c-minor, the cello suite in d-minor is played on the viola da spalla. In addition, two duets for two violins by Telemann as well as a Leclair trio-sonata will be performed.


The title ‘Bach to violin’ is not merely alluding to Bach and the violin as such – Jonathan Ofir, the musical director and conductor of Copenhagen Soloists for more than the past decade, has recently returned to playing the violin, after 6 years of having put the instrument aside due to a neurological syndrome. This concert is thus not only a celebration of great music in a chamber musical fashion – it is also a celebration of being able to play, again.




Bach – St. John Passion



Anna Maria Wierød, Sophie Thing Simonsen, Nana Bugge Rasmussen, Simone Rønn,  Doron Florentin, Erlend Tyrmi, Rasmus Gravers Nielsen, Rasmus Kure Thomsen, Steffen Bruun


Solistic choir and orchestra on period instruments     

Conductor:Jonathan Ofir


Helligåndskirken, CPH., 24th March 2018 3PM


Sct. Mariæ kirke, Helsingør, 25th March 2018 4PM


Tickets of 200 kr. on (+fee) and at location 1 hour before concert.





Exultate Jubilate, Sinfonia Concertante, Symphony nr. 40


Soloists: Sophie Thing-Simonsen – soprano; Jesenka Balic Zunic – violin; Fredrik From – viola


Orchestra on period instruments 

Conductor: Jonathan Ofir


Holmens Kirke, 13th October 2018 4PM 


Mørdrup Kirke, 14th October 2018 4PM (Espergærde Musikforeningen)


Tickets of 210 kr. to Holmens Kirke on (+fee) and at location 1 hour before concert.

Tickets to Mørdrup kirke vi a Espergærde Musikforening. 




Monteverdi – Vespers of the Blessed Virgin



Anna Wierød, Christina Larsson Malmberg, Rebecca Forsberg Svendsen, Simone Rønn, Martin Vanberg, Doron Florentin, Kieran White, Erlend Tyrmi, Ørjan Hartveit, Rasmus Kure Thomsen 


Solistic choir and orchestra on period instruments     

Conductor:Jonathan Ofir


Sct. Pauls kirke, Århus, 30th November 2018 7:30 PM


Holmens kirke, CPH., 1st December 2018 4PM


Sct. Mariæ kirke, Helsingør, 2nd December 2018 4PM 


Tickets of 210 kr. on (+fee) and at location 1 hour before concert.




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