Gnomes or Angels or Bach

Grethe Jørgensen (Helsingør Dagblad, 3 December, 2008)

Gnomes, light-festoons with stars, single angels, all kinds of Christmas music from speakers in the supermarkets and in the streets are an unmistakable sign that Christmas has invaded us, whether we are for or against!

Some places it is impossible to choose, we are caught in it all, horror or happiness! Somewhere there is a choice of music: We can go to one of the many concerts in churches f.ex, - there we can find peace from the barging, undesired tones, perhaps there are also angels – there is in any case a plentitude of offers from now to the 24th of December.

None can make it all – so here one must make ones choices between all the tempting concerts. In the recent weekend my choice was a concert in Helsingør Domkirke with the ambitious ensemble Copenhagen Soloists with conductor and solo violinist Jonathan Ofir as primus motor in the ensemble, which that evening consisted of a single solo singer, soprano Keren Motseri, one solist on transvers flute, Cecilia Flodén, cembalist David Shemer, four strings on baroque instruments and in a section of cantata 51 ‘Jauchzet Gott in Allen Landen’ a virtuoso baroque trumpet was heard, played by Niels Tilma.

Soprano Keren Motseri was soloist in this cantata and with her warmly resonating voice, that moved with ease through Bach most difficult registers she moved us, because she sounded, as if this praising of God came from a glad heart.

Cecilia Flodéns playing on the soft sounding transvers flute was a congenial ‘partner’. Earlier she was fabulous in the 2nd suite i B minor – the small ensemble was a delightful revival for the original orchestra suite, just as the other works also received nevived quality with the few, outstanding musicians, who fulfilled all of our wishes concerning genuine musicianship.

Even Brandenburg concerto nr. 5 became a small pearl, not least because the big harpsichord solo was played so magnificently by David Shemer!

Once again has Jonathan Ofir succeeded to construct an ensemble of soloists! In the afternoon in Helligaandskirken in Copenhagen this same concert brought 150 listeners!

Unfortunately the Domkirke could not say the same; but those who were present were delighted for the fine musical Bach-evening.

The church has both its own Christmas concert and Rotary’s traditional concert, and as well, the week up to Christmas offers the small afternoon concerts, which one can read of in Tuesday’s paper.